Surge in Air Traffic and Passengers Elevates Qatar Aviation Sector in January

Surge in Air Traffic and Passengers Elevates Qatar Aviation Sector in January. Qatar aviation industry continues to experience notable growth in 2024, witnessing an upswing in various key metrics such as aircraft movements, passenger numbers, and cargo and mail volumes. The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) disclosed these encouraging trends in a recent post on X.

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Aircraft Movements Show Impressive Growth

Preliminary air transport statistics for January 2024 reveal a remarkable 23.8 percent surge in aircraft movements compared to the same period in the previous year. The data reported a total of 23,994 flight movements, showcasing a substantial increase from January 2023, which recorded 19,377 aircraft movements.

Substantial Rise in Passenger Numbers at Hamad International Airport

The statistics also point towards a significant uptick in passenger traffic at Hamad International Airport (HIA). January 2024 witnessed a notable 27.4 percent increase in the number of passengers, totaling 4.5 million visitors, as opposed to 3.5 million in January 2023.

Robust Growth in Air Cargo and Mail

Furthermore, the report highlights a robust increase in air cargo and mail, with a notable surge of 19.5 percent in January 2024, totaling 201,500 tonnes. In comparison, January 2023 recorded 168,862 tonnes, indicating a substantial growth in this sector.

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Comparative Analysis with 2023 Statistics

Comparing the data with 2023, it is evident that the aviation sector in Qatar experienced heightened activities. January 2023 saw a remarkable 64.4 percent increase in air passengers, reaching a total of 3,559,063. Aircraft movements also recorded a significant annual rise of 19.3 percent, totaling 19,377 flights, compared to 16,239 in January 2022.

On the other hand, air cargo and mail experienced a 12.3 percent decline, dropping to 168,682 tonnes from 192,253 tonnes in January 2022.

December 2023 Highlights

The preliminary air transport statistics for December 2023 further underscore positive trends, with a 3.2 percent increase in aircraft movements compared to December 2022. Additionally, air passenger numbers saw a robust 19.7 percent rise in December 2023, with 4.3 million visitors arriving in the country. Air cargo and mail volumes also surged by 18.6 percent, reaching 216,431 tonnes in December 2023.

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Continued Growth in Qatar Air Passenger Traffic

The growth in air passenger traffic in Qatar over the past few years has been remarkable, fueled by the expansion of HIA. The airport’s top-notch infrastructure and exceptional services have attracted leading airlines, with 44 new carriers added in 2023, connecting HIA with direct flights from around the world.

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