Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Vehicle Horn

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Vehicle Horn. The Qatari Traffic Law requires all vehicles to have horns while they are working but prohibits honking near hospitals, schools, and other public places.

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Vehicle Horn


Type of Traffic Violation

Fine Amount (QR)


1 A vehicle without a working horn is being driven on the road. 300 1
2 Horns are used by drivers except when facing imminent danger. 300 1
3 The repair or use of air horns or musical horns. 300 1
4 A vehicle may not be equipped with horns, light systems, or devices prescribed only for police, emergency response, or ambulance vehicles without written permission from the licensing authority. 1000 1


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Q1) What is the fine for crossing a red light in Qatar?

Ans:- Qatar fines drivers who cross a red light QR 6000 and gives them 7 demerit points.

Q2) How much is traffic violation fine in Qatar?

Ans:- Traffic violations in Qatar can be fined between QR 300 and QR 6000, depending on their nature. Demerit points may also be awarded to serious offenders.

Q3) How much are speeding fines in Qatar?

Ans:- There is a QR 500 fee for over-speeding in Qatar, but it can go up to QR 1000 and four points for over-speeding. Speed over the posted speed limit determines the fine amount.

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