Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related to Driving License

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related to Driving License. Traffic Violation Fines, Points, and Legal Actions in Qatar. The Traffic Law stipulates that a motor vehicle is not allowed on the road unless the driver has a license from the Licensing Authority authorizing the driver to do so.

This case carries a punishment of imprisonment for at least one month, a maximum of 3 years, and/or a fine of at least QR 10,000 and up to QR 50,000. Police will also require the motorist to provide the license when requested.

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related to Driving License

S No.

Type of Traffic Violation

Fine Amount (QR)


1 Driving a vehicle without renewing your license. 1500 Nil
2 When one’s driving license has been suspended by a legal or administrative procedure. 3000 3
3 A driver fails to carry their driving license while driving or does not produce it when asked by the police. 500 1
4 Getting more than one license of the same type, using or allowing another to use it against the law, using it for some illegal gain, or accepting another’s license except in those situations allowed by law. 500 Nil
5 The owner of a driving license does not immediately notify the nearest traffic office about the loss or damage of their license or does not return it to the licensing authority when it is found. 300 Nil


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Q1) What is the fine for crossing a red light in Qatar?

Ans:- There are seven demerit points and a fine of QR 6000 for crossing a red light in Qatar.

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Q2) How much is traffic violation fine in Qatar?

Ans:- Traffic violations in Qatar can be fined between QR 300 and QR 6000, depending on their nature. A serious violation may result in the awarding of demerit points to the offender.

Q3) How much are speeding fines in Qatar?

Ans:- There is a QR 500 fee for over-speeding in Qatar, but it can go up to QR 1000 and four points for over-speeding. Speed over the posted speed limit determines the fine amount.

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