Qatar Traffic Violation Appeal Complete Guide Metresh2 App

Qatar Traffic Violation Appeal Complete Guide Metresh2 App. In Qatar, if you receive a traffic violation ticket and believe it was issued in error, you have the option to appeal the ticket. The traffic department in Qatar allows drivers to file objections to traffic violations within a specific time frame. To ensure that your appeal is considered, it is crucial to understand the process and follow the guidelines provided.

Appealing Against Traffic Violations

If you receive a wrong ticket or are charged twice for a traffic violation in Qatar, you may appeal and receive a refund. To do so;

Step 1: Visit the Metrash2 mobile app and log in.

Step 2: The “Traffic” icon can be found under the “Service” tab.

Step 3: Click on “Violation Service.”

Step 4: Select “Violation Objection” from the Violation Services menu.

Step 5: Click “Violation” and then “Next”.

Step 6: Submit the appeal details regarding the violation ticket.

The public query traffic violation team will respond within 30 days via SMS to your registered mobile number. Your appeal will not be accepted if you fail to pay the fine. The traffic violation ticket will be removed from your outstanding log if it is deemed to be incorrect.

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The Things You Need to Know When Appealing Against Traffic Violations

Step 1: Violations must be contested within 14 days of registration.

Step 2: There will be a response within 30 days from the authorities.

Step 3: The appeal process for a particular ticket is one-time only.

Step 4: A ticket that has already been paid cannot be appealed.

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Penalties for Traffic Violations in Qatar

Qatari traffic violation fines range from QR 300 to QR 6000, depending on the nature and severity of the offense. Further, serious violations may result in demerit points being awarded to offenders, and in severe cases, offenders may even lose their licenses.


QAR 500 fine and six black points.

Jumping a red light:

QAR 6,000 fine, seven-day impoundment, and three-month driving ban.

Using a mobile phone while driving:

QAR 500 fine and 3 black points.

Not wearing a seatbelt while driving:

QAR 500 fine and three points.

Driving without a valid license or driving with an expired license:

QAR 3,000 fine and seven-day impoundment.

Reckless driving:

Fine of QAR 2,000 and vehicle impoundment for seven days.

Driving under the influence of alcohol:

A fine of QAR 10,000, impoundment of the vehicle for thirty days, and a two-year driving ban.

Overtaking from the right:

QAR 500 fine and three black points.

Driving a vehicle without number plates:

QAR 5,000 fine and seven-day impoundment.

Not giving way to pedestrians:

QAR 500 fine and three black points.

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Knowing your rights and the proper procedures for appealing traffic violations is essential to ensure a fair outcome. By using the Metrash2 app and following the steps outlined, you can submit an objection against a traffic violation in Qatar within the allowed time frame. Always provide accurate and convincing details to strengthen your case during the appeal process.

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