New Radar-Camera Network to Enforce Traffic Violation Penalties

New Radar-Camera Network to Enforce Traffic Violation Penalties. Starting this Sunday, the General Directorate of Traffic will be cracking down on traffic violations such as mobile phone use and failure to wear seatbelts while driving. These violations will be detected by a newly implemented radar and camera network. Check Qatar Traffic Violations Status now.

Educational Soft Activation Period

Before the official activation date, which is Sunday, August 27 marked the beginning of an educational phase aimed at raising awareness about these two critical traffic violations. During this period, automated radar and Tala’a cameras were used to monitor and educate road users.

Safety Warnings from the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued stern warnings against using mobile phones and other visual devices while driving, citing the potential for accidents. A statement from MoI emphasized the danger of such behavior to both the driver’s life and the lives of others on the road.

Legal Framework for Enforcement

Article No. 55 of the Traffic Law mandates that motor vehicle drivers must refrain from using mobile phones or any devices that require hands for operation while driving. Additionally, watching any visual material on a vehicle’s television while driving is prohibited under this law. MoI has initiated a large-scale awareness campaign across social media and various media outlets to highlight these regulations.

Visual Device Interaction as a Violation

Officials clarify that any interaction with visual devices, including mounted mobile phones and dashboard monitors while driving, constitutes a violation. Such actions fall under the purview of penalties outlined in the Traffic Law.

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Unified Radar Detection

Maj Hamad Ali al-Muhannadi, head of the Radar and Scales Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, emphasized that any physical engagement with visual devices during driving will be detected by the unified radars. The law strictly prohibits engaging with any visual medium, including mobile phones, while driving.

No Exemptions for Dashboard-Mounted Phones

Major al-Muhannadi clarified that using a mobile phone mounted on the car’s dashboard is still considered a violation under the law. Merely touching any screen displaying visuals is prohibited.

Image Capture and Verification

Images of motorists not wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones while driving will be available on the Metrash 2 app. The new unified radars will clearly capture these violations. They can differentiate between the seatbelt and clothing, even if they share the same color. The technology allows for image adjustments, ensuring a clear view for violators.

Joint Responsibility for Road Safety

Authorities have urged all road users to adhere to traffic laws and regulations, emphasizing that traffic safety is a shared responsibility within society. Preserving lives and property is a priority, and compliance with traffic laws is essential to support the efforts of various authorities in ensuring road safety.

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