Car Insurance in Qatar Complete Detail and Guide

Car Insurance in Qatar. Moving to Qatar and planning to drive? This guide explains everything you need to know about getting car insurance in Qatar.

Qatar has a system of compulsory insurance for all vehicles, which you will need to cover to at least a third-party level. Therefore, this is something you need to look into if you are planning on bringing a car or driving in the country.

To help you get to grips with the Qatari system, this guide to vehicle insurance in Qatar covers the following topics:

Car Insurance in Qatar Overview

Qatar has one of the biggest insurance markets in what is a growing industry. Car insurance is mandatory in Qatar. You can buy extra cover if you wish if you have third-party car insurance.

Qatar insures the vehicle rather than the driver. Therefore, once a vehicle is insured, anyone with a driving license can drive it. Several Qatari insurers offer discounted coverage for two or more cars, although the policy only covers one vehicle.

The minimum insurance requirement for registering a vehicle in Qatar is 12 months. If you have a valid driving license and a Qatari address, you can purchase insurance. The traffic police will fine you (around QR 1,000) if they catch you driving without insurance in Qatar.

Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) regulate the insurance industry.

Does Qatar Accept Car Insurance From Other Countries?

Insurance policies purchased in Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries may be valid throughout the region, but you will need to check with your insurer first. If you choose to drive without insurance, you must do so from a Qatari company licensed to provide it. Qatari national companies and international providers are available to choose from.

Driving licenses from several countries, including the EU and the US, can be used in Qatar for a week. You must then obtain a temporary Qatari license, a full license, or a six-month international driving license. You may be able to use your existing insurance for a short period of time during the crossover period. Consult your insurance company before traveling

Types of Car Insurance in Qatar

Qatar offers two types of car insurance. These are:

Third-party Liability

Legally, you are covered for any damage or injury caused by an incident in which you were at fault.

However, third-party liability insurance won’t cover your own costs, such as damage to your own vehicle or equipment. In case your car isn’t valuable or you don’t drive a lot, it may be worthwhile to consider it.

Fully Comprehensive

It covers all costs regardless of fault and will cover all expenses regardless of fault. It covers not only vehicle damage sustained in road accidents, but also fire, storm, theft, and vandalism. There are some policies that also include breakdown assistance.

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However, there are some exclusions. The following are often included:

  • Off-road driving incidents;
  • Traffic violations that you have committed;
  • For example, if you insure the vehicle only for work purposes and have an accident using it for personal use);
  • Damage to the vehicle that is deliberate or intentional.

Additionally, some comprehensive policies offer limited medical and legal coverage and some companies refuse to insure cars older than five years. Before signing your policy, make sure you are aware of any exclusions and conditions.

Some companies also offer third-party, fire, and theft insurance, which is known in many places as third-party, fire, and theft. Third-party liability, accidental damage and theft of your car are covered, but not your costs in accidents where you are at fault.

Car Insurance Costs

Qatari car insurance premiums are based on the current value of the vehicle. According to the level of coverage you purchase, you should expect to pay between 4 and 7% of the value per year in premiums. There are some companies that charge minimum value premiums; for example, they charge QR 1,000 for an annual premium.

In addition, they take the profile of the driver into account. A driver’s age and driving history, for example. If you are a higher risk, your premiums will increase.

In most policies, there is an excess or deductible. In case of a claim, this is the amount you need to pay. If you don’t make any claims, you can choose to increase your excess in order to lower your monthly/annual premiums.

Additional Forms of Car Insurance in Qatar

In addition to the main forms of insurance, most companies in Qatar offer additional coverage. Some of these may be included in comprehensive policies, while others might not be available for certain third-party policies (e.g., insurance for older vehicles).

Extra coverage options include:

  • Off-road insurance – The standard policy does not cover driving on sand dunes or non-paved roads. Coverage is provided on all terrains;
  • No-claims protection – protects your no-claims bonus if you make a claim;
  • Personal accident insurance – The coverage provided by standard policies may be limited or nonexistent. The insurance covers all medical expenses;
  • Agency repair insurance – During the first year of your car’s registration, repairs will be done at your car’s brand’s agency, but after that, your insurer will choose a workshop. If you want the right to choose where your car is repaired, you can add this insurance to comprehensive policies;
  • Roadside assistance – Covers towing, repair, and replacement costs;
  • Engine protection – Covers engine replacement in the event of wear and tear.

Car Insurance Bonuses and Penalties in Qatar

No-claims bonuses are offered by car insurance companies for every year you go without a claim. There will be a no-claims policy for each company. There is usually a 10% discount after one year without a claim, which increases each year and reaches a maximum of 50% after several years.

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If you have a no-claims history with another company, insurers in Qatar will often take that into account when calculating your premium. Companies are not required to carry over no-claims periods earned elsewhere. It depends on the company and what you are able to negotiate.

While insurers may discount no-claims periods, they will also not hesitate to increase premiums if a driver is deemed high-risk. You can expect to pay more for car insurance if you:

  • Having caused an accident through careless driving;
  • If you have any points on your license or if you have committed any traffic violations;
  • If you’re a young or inexperienced driver.

Car Insurance Companies in Qatar

Car insurance companies in Qatar include:

  • Arabia Insurance Company (AIC)
  • AXA
  • Clements
  • Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ)
  • Doha Bank
  • Doha Insurance Group
  • General Takaful
  • Qatar Insurance Company (QIC)
  • Qatar Islamic Insurance Company (QIIC)
  • QNB

Choose Car Insurance in Qatar

Purchasing car insurance in Qatar requires shopping around and finding the best deal. In addition to premium costs, you may want to consider:

  • No-claims policy – what discounts are available, and can you transfer no-claims periods?
  • Excess/deductible policy – how much can you reduce your premiums by increasing the compulsory excess?
  • Policy coverage – what exclusions are there, can you pay extra to include them if necessary, and how much will that cost?
  • Roadside assistance – is this included, how much extra if it is not, and what is the level of coverage?
  • Company reputation – What are the company’s reviews or ratings? Check the company’s website, social media, online reviews, and rating sites for feedback;
  • Claims process – how does the claims process work and how long does it take?

Applying for Car Insurance in Qatar

The application process varies between insurance companies in Qatar. The majority of companies now provide you with an online application service that allows you to upload any supporting documents digitally.

Generally, you need to provide:

  • Details about the policyholder (valid driving license, address, and ID)
  • Make, model, and current value of the vehicle
  • A driving profile of the policyholder (the number of no-claims and points on the license)
  • Provide details about the intended use of the vehicle (for example, business use or personal use).

Making a Car Insurance Claim in Qatar

If you wish to make a claim for car insurance in Qatar, you can do so over the phone or in person at a company branch. The majority of companies also allow claims to be submitted via email or online, as long as all of the necessary documentation is provided.

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Qatari insurance claims should include the following information:

  • Insurance claim form
  • Form for police report of accidents involving the police
  • A minor road traffic accident (MRTA) form is required for minor accidents that don’t involve the police
  • A copy of the insurance certificate or a copy of the policy number
  • Registration information for a car
  • Driver’s license and identification details for all parties
  • Photos if possible
  • Canceling a contract or changing provider

The minimum coverage you need on your car insurance policy in Qatar is 12 months. If you wish to cancel your coverage or change providers during the last month, you may do so. There is little chance of getting a refund if you cancel before this date.

After renewing your policy, some companies allow you to cancel in subsequent years if you give them one month’s notice in writing or by email. Please refer to your company’s cancellation policy for more information.

Qatar Car Insurance Complaint

To file a complaint against an insurance company in Qatar, you should contact the company’s complaints department with details of your complaint. Companies have their own complaint teams and processes that should be described on their websites and in their policy information.

If the complaint cannot be resolved within the company, you may contact the Qatar Central Bank (QCB). Your complaint will be resolved within seven working days, if possible.

Roadside Assistance in Qatar

Should you suffer a car breakdown in Qatar, there are a number of companies that provide breakdown assistance. A few of these organizations include the Arabian Automobile Association (AAA), Qatar Car Towing, and MG Car Towing.

Insurance companies often offer breakdown assistance policies as add-ons for an additional premium. The manufacturers of some vehicles, such as Volkswagen and Chevrolet, provide breakdown coverage directly to their customers in Qatar.

Costs vary depending on the provider and level of coverage. There are three membership schemes available at the AAA, which range in price from QR 250 to QR 750.

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